Germany: Several protesters detained at anti-lockdown demo in Berlin

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Around 300 people gathered at Rosa Luxemburg square in downtown Berlin on Saturday, to protest the restrictive measures put in place by the authorities to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Police can be seen detaining several protesters who attended the rally.

Two demonstrations had been authorised to take place at Rosa Luxemburg on Saturday, each with only 20 participants. The protest against the lockdown took the streets around the square, while a counter-protest organised by the “Leave No One Behind” group gathered in front of Volksbuhne Theatre.

Due to the Berlin regulations on COVID-19 containment, only up to 20 people are currently allowed to participate in "open air fixed public gatherings". On May 4, the number will rise to 50.

Germany has reported more than 164,000 coronavirus cases and 6,736 deaths related to the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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