Germany: Several detained by police at anti-lockdown demo in Berlin

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Police detained several protesters at a demonstration demanding an end to the lockdown measures put in place to fight the spread of coronavirus in Berlin on Saturday.

The rally was organised by celebrity TV chef Attila Hildmann, who has recently attracted public attention for his promulgation of conspiracy theories, and who has been dubbed by German media as a "radical."

Hildmann also blamed "corrupt politicians" for forcing the public to wear face protection and stay at home to contain the spread of the virus.

"They locked you up like a herd of sheep and you gave you a muzzle. A muzzle that from a medical point of view is completely pointless," he said.

Berlin police stated on their Twitter account that they had used a loudspeaker to ask the protesters several times to disperse, as the maximum number of people allowed to gather under current lockdown measures is 50, which was exceeded by several hundred at the rally. German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the measures were necessary in order "to win time in the fight against the virus."

Over the past few weeks, Germany has been gradually lifting its coronavirus-related restrictions with the reopening of stores, museums, some schools and other non-essential business.

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