Sonic Frontiers: Fix Controller/Gamepad Not Working, Controller Issue Sonic Frontiers PC (Steam)

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Fix Xbox/PS5 Controller Stopped Working with Sonic Frontiers,Fix Xbox One/PS5 Controller Not Working in Sonic Frontiers game, Steps to Fix Controller/Gamepad problem with Sonic Frontiers game on PC,Fix Controller/Gamepad Not Working Properly with Sonic Frontiers on PC
Step 1) Restart the game
Step 1) Restart your PC
Step 2) Enable/Disable Steam input
Step 3) Configure the controller
Step 4) Unplug all other external USB devices, additional controller, joystick, hotas, wheel, Razer Tartarus, disconnect all the additional USB adapter connected to PC
Step 5) Launch Steam in big picture mode and then launch the game
Step 6) Launch Steam in Big picture mode and try it Steam Input Per Game Settings as forced on or forced off
Step 7) PS5 Controller users: Install reWASD /DS4 Windows
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