How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Wirelessly | Use a PS4 Controller on Forza Horizon 4 & More!

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How to connect PS4 controller to PC wirelessly to play any game. I will show you how to use PS4 controller on PC wireless, and also show you how to use your PS4 controller on PC Forza Horizon 4, Fortnite & many other games.

Hey everyone, my name is Octorious and in this PS4 Controller guide, I will be showing you how to connect a DualShock 4 to PC wirelessly and wired to be able to play any game no matter if it supports a PS4 controller or not. This will let you play FH4 PC, Fortnite& much more wirelessly with your PS4 controller despite it not natively supporting the PS4 remote. If you do want to know how to use Dualshock 4 on PC wireless or wired then please make sure to watch this video, and also drop a like if it does show you how to connect your PS4 controller to PC Bluetooth as well as how you can use the PS4 remote on all of your PC games. I always play Forza Horizon 4 using my PS4 controller on my PC using this method, so I can confirm this works perfectly. I do not use DS4windows for this, as it requires extra steps, and this other solution is by far superior. Enjoy learning how to use a PS4 controller on Forza Horizon 4 for PC as well as every other game you might have for free!



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0:11 How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Wirelessly
0:51 How to Use PS4 Controller on PC Forza Horizon 4 & Other Non-Native Games
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