[INFO] Stranded Deep (Steam) Exp. Patch 0.71.00 Neuer End Game Inhalt / New End Game Content

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Hier eine Stranded Deep Info zu dem Experimentellen / experimental build 0.71.00

Viel Spaß.

Patch Notes:

New Features
- Added new End Game Scenario!
- Added new Starting Crate unlocked by completing the end game.
- Added new Sunscreen item to starting crate.
- Added new Rubber Duck item to starting crate.
- Added new Flashlight item to starting crate.
- Added new Machete item to starting crate.
- Added new Carbon Speargun item to starting crate.
- Added new Carbon Speargun Arrows item to starting crate.

- Changed Gyrocopter Part to only spawn on the end game carrier.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed World Zones not aborting loading if player leaves before zone is finished loading.
Depending on the complexity of the previous zone, a player could be well into another zone before the previous zone has been unloaded and the current zone starts loading..
- Fixed World Seed allowing seeds with less than 8 digits.
- Fixed Intro not waiting until all assets have loaded in. This fixes some players appearing briefly in the ocean when starting a new game.
- Fixed Intro audio SFX volume not using audio settings.
- Fixed Mouse/Controller movement not always being frame-rate independent.
- Fixed Flock Audio not allowing other sound effects to play.
- Fixed Flock Audio not updating position when flocks migrate out.
- Fixed Flocks not appearing when travelling to new islands.

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