Gunner HEAT PC Early Access & Roadmap - Should U Buy?

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In this video Luke takes a look at the exciting new Tank simulator coming to Steam on the 6th September. Gunner HEAT PC will release into Early access. How good is it in its current state and how does the early access roadmap look? Find out here! Like and Subscribe :)

Check out Gunner Heat PC on Steam

Check out Steel Armor: Blaze of War on Steam

00:00 Introduction
01:35 Pricing
02:22 What do you get now?
03:25 Damage Simulation
04:10 Graphics & Unit Models
06:14 Sound & Music
06:50 Performance
07:50 Should you buy now?
10:59 Early Access Roadmap
15:39 Conclusion

Gunner HEAT PC Early Access & Roadmap - Should U Buy?

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