Germany: AfD supporters rally against COVID-19 restrictions in Stuttgart

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Nearly a hundred of Alternative for Germany (AfD) supporters protested lockdown restrictions in Stuttgart on Sunday with the head of local AfD branch Alice Weidel saying "the government should explain itself" for restricting German rights.

AfD supporters can be seen gathered at Schillerplatz with placards and banners while maintaining social distancing rules.

During a speech, Weidel said, "Our freedoms and rights which are guaranteed by the constitution have never been limited so massively and so for long during its whole 71-year-old existence."

Several protesters who were reportedly AfD supporters were arrested. The rally was met by a group of counter-protesters with riot police keeping both groups apart from each other.

Though the city administration originally banned the gathering on Saturday, the Administrative Court of Baden-Wurttemberg overturned the ban, restricting the number of participants to 100.

On March 11, German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the lockdown measures were necessary in order "to win time in the fight against the virus." Merkel stressed that the goal was to not overwhelm the German health system.

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