Fix Hitman 3 Crashing, Freezing, Black Screen, Low FPS And Launching Issue on PC

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Steps to Fix Hitman 3 Crash to Desktop, Fix Hitman 3 Black Screen, Fix Hitman 3 Freezing, Fix Hitman 3 Low FPS, Fix Hitman 3 Not Launching, Fix Hitman 3 Graphics Issue on PC,Fix Hitman 3 Stuttering
Step 1) Do a clean installation of graphics driver:
Step 2) Install C++ Visual files:
Step 3) Update Windows 10
Step 4) Try Running Hitman 3 from installation folder
Step 5) Verify the Hitman 3 game files in Epic Games Launcher
Step 6) Laptop users with dual graphics card, run Hitman 3 on dedicated graphics card
Step 7) Close overlay application, perform clean boot, close all the overclocking and background application
Step 8) Increase the Virtual Memory: Initial Size: 1.5 x Total Ram
Maximum Size: 3 X Total Ram
Step 9) Allow the Hitman 3 exe file to your antivirus program or controlled folder access
Step 10) Run Hitman 3 in Windowed mode and lower down graphics settings
Step 11) Update the System BIOS
Step 12) Uninstall and reinstall Hitman 3
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