Chia Pool vs Solo Farm - How To Answer the Question: Should I Switch to Official Chia Pools or Solo?

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Chia Pool vs Solo Farming and how I went about deciding to get on multiple pools. I outline the state of netspace and calculate the shares of each pool and solo farms very ruffly (and possibly inaccuratly) which leads me to believe that we should hope for differentiation among the pool operators. I also feel we need to see longer term incentives if Official Pools are to gain a critical threshold. Just getting started? Official pools are a GREAT IDEA. Already having successes and wins solo? You should evaluate your comfort level with receiving intermittent feedback (in the form of winnings, time to respond, plots passing filters) and balance that with the decreased winnings on a pool (once you factor in you dont get a full 2 xch for a win and fees)


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Written Guide for NEW Windows Farmers:
Video Guide for Creating POOL PLOTS in Windows:


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0:10 Should I Make the Switch to Official Pools?
0:30 Questions to Ask Yourself
1:35 Cases for Joining a Pool
2:00 Charting Current Netspace Growth
3:45 Reasons to Multipool
4:00 Recommendations for Pool Operators
4:45 Cases for Staying a Solo Farmer
5:20 Why Official Pools are my Choice
6:45 Pool Operator Incentives Should Be Extended

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