Board Games Launching on Kickstarter May 2020

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Kevin looks at board games launching on Kickstarter the second half of Kickstarter May, 2020.

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May 12 expansion to Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid
May 18 Sea of Nadia
May 19 Everything Board Games Bi-Monthly Digital Magazine
May 19 new Tiny Epic??? Kickstarter
May 19 Dawnshade -
May 19 Capital Lux 2
May 19 Stop the Train
May 19 Bullet
May 25 Chai: High Tea (expansion)
May 26 Tantrum House Kickstarter??
May 26 Kemet Blood and Sand
May 26 Dice Miner
May 26 Riot at the Round Table
May 26 Fray: Champions of the Every-verse
May 26 Good Cop Bad Cop Promoted
May 27 The Emerald Flame
end of May/June Nemesis Lockdown
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