Unreal Engine 4.25. Alembic Hair. Q&A Part 1. Official answers from the community.

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Official answers from Epic Games (Unreal Community) to various questions about Alembic hair in Unreal Engine 4.25-26.

In this video, I answer questions such as:
- solve the problem with DOF / Motion Blur artifacts while rendering hair?
- transfer color from Xgen / Ornatrix to Unreal Engine 4?
- avoid problems with wool simulation during Bind to skeleton mesh?
- export hair from Xgen in three ways using different scripts?
- solve the problem with Backface Culling during Scale X = -1?
- set up a shader and add texture render?
- to flip the texture?
- improve shadow rendering and hair/fur quality?

More tutorials:

- Unreal Engine 4 → https://bit.ly/2ExhTEx
- Alembic Hair → https://bit.ly/3jIEUnQ

Video content:

0:00 - Lesson topic.
0:29 - Acknowledgments
2:02 - Alembic Hair Groom Asset + DoF = artifacts around edges. Official response from the developers.
4:07 - Color transfer from Xgen / Ornatrix
5:39 - Answer from developers about RootUV and Per Strands / Vertices color export.
6:37 - XgenToUnrealHairAlembic script by Mahmoodreza Aarabi
9:27 - Alembic Scripts from Epic Games
12:26 - Simple_hair_uv.py for RootUV export
16:02 - Solving the problem with Bind to skeleton mesh.
16:37 - Bug with Backface Culling during Scale X = -1. Answer from developers.
17:56 - Shader setup from Nick Rutlinh. Adding additional nodes for rendering RootUV
22:38 - Improved fur and shadow rendering. Official answer.
28:36 - Forrender Renderfarm
28:44 - Promo code for using a lifetime discount of 15% on our render farm.
28:46 - Info-partners
28:51 - Ending and preview of other lessons.

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