The 5 Foods You Will NEVER EAT Again After WATCHING THIS! | Dave Asprey

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What are you basing your diet choices on? With the abundance of information available there is no shortage of diet camps to choose from. Whether you have decided on being carnivore, vegan, raw vegan, or decided to lovingly follow a plant-based diet to support being more humane to animals, how is your decision impacting your health and the environment?

Dave Asprey, “the father of biohacking” and founder of the Bulletproof diet and Upgrade Labs, has been digging into the research and data determined to live 185 years. He’s already reversed his biological age by 11 years and in this episode he’s laying out mind-blowing ways to biohack your way to better health with less time and effort in the gym and why following a plant-based, vegan diet may not be as kind and friendly to the planet as we’re led to believe.

There are many ways to achieve optimal health, the question is which one is best for you? This episode is about covering your bases and knowing what areas are more meaningful for you to look into and consider.


0:00 | Introduction to Dave Asprey
0:21 | Should We Eat Plants?
9:37 | Extend Your Lifespan
21:51 | Protect Population Growth
26:40 | Best Diet for Longevity
33:47 | Exercise Less, Get Results
49:25 | Biohack Your Brain


“When you are depleted of minerals none of the repair systems in the body or the energy systems can work.” [2:57]

“I was a raw vegan, I was a regular vegan. It made me profoundly sick.” [14:50]

“When you choose a vegan diet you are voting against the presence of any animals in that agricultural land.” [18:22]

“When you upgrade your biology so it works better you have a better system for detecting reality around you.” [1:20:58]

“If you ignore the body, you ignore the threat networks in the body and you just work on the mind you’ll never get there.” [1:22:30]

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