Steam Deck: Steam / EA App Fix (Blank Screen on Startup)

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Get an ugly blue/purple empty box when you try to launch EA games from Steam?

Electronic Arts is phasing out Origin (the locker that actually works on the Steam Deck) in favor of the EA App (which doesn't work right on Steam Deck). While not every "hybrid Steam/EA" game suffers from this EA App upgrade and still use Origin? More and more games are coming online with this new launcher.

I have manually injected all the components into a proton prefix to get this application working with Steam Deck.

Using Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, we'll fix its launcher issue. This should work for ANY EA game as long as you can find the proton prefix (use ProtonTricks if you need help).

Note: Yes, the replacement download is large (1.1GB) but the EA App itself (of which MOST will be replaced) is almost 900MB on its own. My differential is only a couple hundred megs bigger than the default install but I'm including every single possible diff file needed. I realize this seems a bit ... nuclear ... but it works and when a more elegant solution comes, I'll depreciate this one with an easier one.

A mouse and keyboard are HIGHLY recommended for this tutorial.

EA App Working Differential Files (Primary) (Mirror)

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