Next Dimension Podcast - The Best Upcoming VR Games 2021 feat. Tetiana!

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the brand new Next Dimension Podcast! Every Saturday we will be talking about the most exciting topics in VR & AR! In this fourth episode we will have a look at which VR games we are looking forward to in 2021! Also we are excited about our special guest: Tetiana from Disco VR!

Tetiana's channel (Disco VR):
Anthony's channel (VR 365):
Steve's channel (VR Flightsim Guy):
Gary's website:


00:00 Intro
04:49 Tetiana's Week
06:17 Steve's Week
11:11 Anthony's Week
13:45 Seb's Week
18:28 Tetiana & Her VR Channel
43:40 Women in VR
48:14 Best Games Of 2021
49:08 Hitman 3
1:02:55 Lone Echo 2
1:12:30 Assasin's Creed VR
1:22:40 After The Fall
1:32:28 Resident Evil 4 VR
1:37:22 Project 4 (Boneworks Universe)
1:44:48 Low-Fi
1:51:58 Wraith The Oblivion Afterlife
1:59:36 Cosmophobia
2:09:30 Sniper Elite VR

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