"Ich bin ein Berliner" Robert Kennedy @ Berlin Rally 2020 #4Freedom & Peace | #RFKjr #freedomrally

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August 29 2020 speech by RFKjr of CHD Europe @ Berlin Rally For Freedom and Peace (hundreds of thousands attending). Watch what the MSM press will tell you and not tell you. Don't be deceived by #covidpolitics - we can beat the #controlabug !

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By the Children’s Health Defense Team
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke to hundreds of thousands in the streets of Berlin, Germany, August 29, 2020. With Großer Stern Square and the Siegesäule Monument as a backdrop, Mr. Kennedy talked about government control by fear and spoke out against totalitarianism. He said the government and those with the greatest wealth and control have done a terrible job on public health and will shift us all to 5G and a cashless society. He said that 5G is being pushed on us as a good thing but it will be used for surveillance and data harvesting. Mr. Kennedy added that the COVID 19 pandemic is a crisis of convenience that is destroying the middle class, impoverishing us all, and it is making the powerful elite even more powerful. He closed with the message that we must protect our fellow man, our vulnerable children and our freedoms and democracy!
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