How to Enable events on Single player & Nitrado server in Ark Survival Evolved on PC, PS4 & Xbox

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This video will show the 3 ways on how to enable events on your Single player world & Nitrado servers in Ark Survival Evolved for on PC, PS4 & Xbox.

Time Stamps
Intro 00:00
Key Event Information 0:12
Method 1: All platforms 2:00
Method 2 Steam & Epic ONLY 3:56
Method 3: Nitrado Server 6:19
Outro 7:51

Currently working Events
Summer Bash

Currently Semi Working Events
Ark Anniversary/birthday
Winter Wonderland
Turkey Trial

Currently Disabled Events
Fear Evolved
Love Evolved
Extinction Chronicles

Launch Parameters for Steam and Epic
-ActiveEvent= Summer
-ActiveEvent= Easter
-ActiveEvent= vday
-ActiveEvent= FearEvolved

Thank you Eric for helping me test all the events, if you want to join and awesome Xbox and Windows 10 server go to his discord here
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