Fix Persona 5 Royal Low FPS & Stuttering On PC

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Fix Persona 5 Royal FPS Drop and stutters On PC
Step 1) Set priority to high in Task Manager (every time you launch the game)
Step 2) Launch Task Manager
Un-check all cores and select the first 2.
Go into the game and wait for a few seconds.
Go to Task Manager again and "Set Affinity". Select all cores.
Go back into the game
Step 3) Turn off v sync, try Windowed mode & lower down graphics settings
Step 4) Turn vsync off in game and force vsync in Nvidia Control Panel
Step 5) Do a clean installation of graphics
Step 6) Update Game
Step 7) Computer with dual graphics run the game on dedicated graphics card
Step 8) Run game as an administrator
Step 9) Update Windows
Step 10) Verify the game files
Step 11) Disable Steam Overlay and other overlay apps, close all the overclocking apps
Step 12) Unplug controller/gamepad USB dongle, disconnect multiple monitors, unplug all the USB devices, Logitech wheel, joystick, Razer Tartarus gamepad, vjoy, turn off Razer Synapse (razor lighting effects) and MSI Dragon Center, corsair software, end nahimic services & lightingservice.exe in task manager, remove the undervolt
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