Coronavirus Update | 28 June | Corona Race | COVID-19 updates world graph live

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This video is about the top 11 countries with the highest number of COVID-19/coronavirus cases.
List of countries with highest number of coronavirus cases.

A running graph /Coronavirus video graph is used to make the data more visual and hence easy to understand.

The data is from the 20th of March to the 28th of June.

Highlights :
The United States of Merica (USA) is about to touch 2 million cases of COVID-19 and currently at 1.96 million.
Cases are increasing in Brazil,Mexico and Peru at a very rapid pace, it seems Brazil has become the 2nd epicenter now.

Countries included are :
China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand, USA, VietNam, Singapore, Australia, Nepal, Franch, Malaysia, Canada, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Germany, United Arab, Philippines, India, Finland, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iran, Norway, Switzerland, Netherland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Pakistan,Australia

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