AYANEO 2 Preview - This is AYANEO's BEST YET

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Indiegogo Pre-Order Link - https://ayaneo.com/igg

00:00 - Introduction
03:08 - Build Quality Review
09:00 - DPAD Review
12:20 - Analog Stick Review
14:43 - AYASpace App Review
20:27 - Let's Talk About Battery Life
23:26 - Summarizing Battery Life Quickly
23:58 - Let's Talk Thermals
27:44 - AYANEO 2 Vs. Steam Deck Benchmarks
32:00 - Pros and Cons Conclusion
35:52 - Prototype ... things.


Screen is fantatsic
Analogs sticks are quite possible my favorite analog sticks
Size of device compared to Steam Deck is favorable
50wh battery is welcome, just wish it was larger
AYASpace is really nice software that makes up for not having a keyboard in a big way.
Thermals are excellent both in terms of IHS and heat radiation to outside plastics
6800U is a great chipset


Portrait based display
- veritical tearing
- older games require wrapping
- some games need scalers

Not working yet, not really pros or cons, just things to make note of:

set UMA size in bios would be nice.
eGPU still needs to be worked on.
SoundTap waiting on software
MicroSD card doesn't fit (on my unit)

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