Amiga OS3 9XL Amithlon on Pentium4 descriptive step by step while drinking 6 or so german beers

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E178: cant leave well enough alone, this is a HP workstation P4 that i want to do Amithlon on.

something more modern, hardware acelleration Amiga OS 3.9 XL "amithlon" , USB, networking, and true color video . looks nice, works so much faster than the old Pentium 3 from 4296 years ago.

All while downing 6 or so German Hofbrau Originals. Theres m&ms too

Now before you bash and flame that a pi, a vampire, or warp is better! Of course it is! This was 20 years ago. I just wanted to see it working and share the experience with others. many people dont even know this exsisted. and also because theres nothing else to do during home prison from Rona. a quote from the archvie upload : "AmigaOS XL the first x86 emulator to outperform an actual Amiga. AmigaOS XL forgoes on the chipset emulation, using the extra processing cycles to emulate the processor. The result is an Amiga emulator capable of running 68k applications between 5 - 10 times faster than a 68060 system. According to SysInfo (an Amiga benchmark utility), a 1 GHz AMD Athlon emulates an Amiga equivalent to a 450 MHz 68040. "

get yours here:

and please check out "snkbitten" this person is the best guide on the internet to install this, and also who i used to help me with mine. So thanks! I did not use the site as Matthew did not upload this at the time of my filming, your install might be much easier with the qnx (the disk i and the entire internet was missing), although i could not get it to do anything. so i just stuck to snkbitten's guide and it turns out it is the best setup guide you will find.

thanks for watching! consider helping me keep this going, 1$ a month (or more) and greatly appreciated!!!!
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